PRODUCTS/ALE battery pack series

  • ALE12V35 Lithium Werks Nanophosphate Lead-Acid replacement

    AGV, AMR, AWP, LEV, Floor Cleaning Machine...
  • ALE12V7 Lithium Werks Nanophosphate series

    Lead-Acid replacement : Drop-in use
    Maximum 4S10P of ALE12V7
    Please contact and consult with ENDRICH
    UPS, AGV, Backup Power, Lighting, Solar Storage
    Solar street light, Emergency Light, Telecom equipment base station, 12V power system for electric motorcycles
    Replacement for all lead-acid 12V7 (not for starting)
    NEC ALM12V7  A123 ALM12V7 compatible
  • ALE1000 Lithium Werks Nanophosphate series battery packs

    12V80Ah 24V40Ah 36V25Ah 48V20Ah
    Nanophosphate technology
    Series to 96V
    Parallel available, please contact ENDRICH
  • 48V ESS rack Lithium Werks Nanophosphate for residential telecom commercial

    48V ESS rack for residential telecom commercial
    Solar storage
    Nano-LFP chemistry
    Safety, Life, Power, Usable energy